Felman Trading is an exclusive distributor of ferroalloys produced by its US-based sister companies Felman Production, located in New Haven WV, CC Metals and Alloys, located in Calvert City, KY, and Eastern European-based Georgian Manganese, located in Georgia, Black Sea region. 





Based in Georgia, GM is the country’s top producer and exporter of silicomanganese. Georgian Manganese, LLC (“GM”) and Vartsikhe 2005 LLC (“Vartiske”) are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Miami, Florida-based Georgian American Alloys, Inc. (“GAA”). Georgian holdings are comprised of three divisions: 1) GM’s Chiatura Manganese Mine, a manganese ore mining operation; 2) GM’s Zestafoni Ferroalloy Plant, a silicomanganese processing plant; and 3) Vartsikhe, the hydroelectric facility which powers the Chiatura mine and Zestafoni plant. These holdings allow GAA to control the key facets of the silicomanganese production process, providing it significant cost and operational advantages.






Given its unique, vertically integrated business model, which includes a mine, refining facility and power plant, Georgian holdings are capable of quickly and efficiently producing large quantities of standard and high-grade silicomanganese to meet the growing international demand. GM leverages its skilled workforce of more than 6,000 employees to extract, refine, and produce approximately 90 percent of Georgia’s ferroalloy exports. As part of GAA’s growing network of complementary ferroalloy businesses, GM is able to take full advantage of advanced financial capabilities and distribution platforms to better serve its clients. 


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