FELMAN TRADING INC is a ferroalloys trading company with the main goal to sell and deliver ferroalloys such as SiMn, HC/MC FeMn, FeSi, FeCr and Mn metal to metallurgical consumers in North-East Africa, Canada, North, Central and South Americas.

Felman Trading’s definitive advantage is our unique, international network of suppliers. We leverage an extensive global infrastructure of ferroalloy producers to ensure our customers enjoy low costs and reliable supplies without having to compromise on quality.

Felman Trading is an exclusive distributor of ferroalloys produced by its US-based sister companies Felman Production, Inc, located in New Haven WV, CC Metals and Alloys, located in Calvert City, KY, and Eastern European-based Georgian Manganese, located in Georgia, Black Sea region. 

So that each of our customers’ supply chain is as efficient as possible, Felman Trading employs advanced shipping technologies for the transportation and delivery of materials. We use the latest loading and discharge machinery at container terminal facilities, the ferroalloy materials are inspected for quality at each stage of distribution, to ensure product quality and integrity. Felman Trading also provides its customers with significant knowledge of market and pricing trends regarding ferroalloys.


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